Welcome to the cyberspace home of the USS Adamant, a chapter of STARFLEET International. We are based in the Montgomery County PA area but we have members from all around the Southeastern PA area. We are a Star Trek, Sci-Fi and science based fan club that likes to have fun and meet new people. Learn more About Us by exploring our cyber home port and then Beam Aboard for adventure and fun!

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See our Calendarcalendar of events page for more info on these & other events.

APRIL 2021 Events

4.3 USS Adamant Zoom Meeting – 7-9p
4.17 USS Adamant Zoom Trivia Night – 7-9p

MAY 2021 Events

5.1 USS Adamant Zoom Meeting – 7-9p
5.15 USS Adamant Zoom Movie Night – 7-9p
5.28-31 Balticon 55 Convention (virtual)
5.30 USS Adamant Zoom Trivia Night – 7-9p

JUNE 2021 Events

6.5-13 Philly Flower Show
6.12 USS Adamant Zoom Meeting – 7-9p
6.26 USS Adamant Zoom Trivia/Movie Night – 7-9p


CoronApocalypse!Covid-19 Unfortunately the current Covid-19 Pandemic is putting a cramp in our in-person events. Beginning in May 2020 and until further notice, our in-person events will be online Zoom Video gatherings.

Many conventions have been cancelled, rescheduled for later or gone virtual, so please check their website for the latest news and then check again often. Remember to adjust your hotel reservations accordingly.

Please be safe & healthy. Remember to Mask-Up!


ST-Lower Decks

Star Trek: Lower Decks Announces Summer Return


Paramount+ today announced season two of its hit original half-hour animated comedy series Star Trek: Lower Decks will premiere on Thursday, August 12. The premiere date was revealed in an all-new teaser trailer for season two, which was introduced by series creator Mike McMahan following the “Second Contact” panel during today’s virtual global First Contact Day celebration. READ MORE

ST: PicardQ Returns to Star Trek: Picard


Paramount+ today revealed a first look at season two of its hit original series Star Trek: Picard with an all-new teaser trailer. The teaser trailer was introduced by series star Patrick Stewart at the top of today’s First Contact Day virtual global panels, which also revealed that season two will premiere in 2022. Actor John de Lancie made a surprise appearance during the panel, confirming that he will appear in season two of Star Trek: Picard as his iconic Star Trek character, Q. READ MORE

ST-DiscoveryTilly and Me


How Star Trek: Discovery led one fan to rescue a dog. The journey to discovering Tilly, the rescue puppy that would change our lives, began before she was even born. It was the fall of 2017 and my non-Trekkie wife, Lisa, had begrudgingly agreed to watch Star Trek: Discovery with me, having heard me talk nonstop about how excited I was for Trek’s return to TV. We were on the third episode, “Context is for Kings,” when she appeared. READ MORE

MandalorianKatee Sackhoff Was Told Cameo Was Another Jedi


Luke Skywalker showing up in the season two finale of The Mandalorian had people cheering all across the globe. But of course, it wasn’t Mark Hamill on the set, it was a “Jedi stunt double.” But just who did the cast of The Mandalorian actually think was wielding the lightsaber and rescuing baby Grogu when that scene was shot? READ MORE



Starship Farragut

The set of the shuttle craft from Starship Farragut fan films. Take a look at pictures from our other events at our Photo Gallery page!